TRI-BAND 4G-LTE Mobile Signal Amplifier Booster


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Enhance Mobile Phone Signal Strength
  • Improve Communication Quality
  • Reduce Cellphone Radiation
  • Protract Cellular Battery Life
  • Economic Building Cost
  • Easy Operation
  • Easy Installation
Detailed Description

The Home Elite Triband Signal Booster works on the frequencies of 900/1800/2100 MHz. This booster supports all the networks and carriers in South Africa. Undoubtedly The Home Elite Triband Signal Booster is the best and most advanced solution to amplify your weak Voice, 3G, and 4G signal in areas up to 300 square meters. This mobile signal booster is ideal for small homes, small offices, etc. It comes with the complete kit that has everything you need to boost your signal strength. This power booster supports 6 users simultaneously and is loved by the large property owners.

This Triband Signal Booster supports RainVodacomCell CTelkom and MTN networks

How does The Home Elite Triband Signal Booster Work?

With the external aerial antenna, the phone signal booster takes the existing weak signal from the cell tower. Then the external antenna sends the weak signal to the amplifier. Amplifier enhances the signal to make it complete 5 Bar full-strength signal. The amplifier sends the amplified signals to the internal antenna. Then, the internal antenna pushes out a full-strength signal inside. The installation process is very easy and simple. Follow step by step the instructions guide. Usually, it just takes a few minutes to set it up.

Read properly the instructions before the purchase as you may need to purchase additional items for the installation. Check our easy Mobile Signal Booster Installation Guide. The Picture shows the upgraded YAGGI antenna. This antenna is not included unless you pay to upgrade it. If you have a weak 1-3 bar signal, you need to upgrade to YAGGI antenna so the unit will work to its full potential.

With this booster you and other users within the range of the booster would never be out of signal or experience dropped call situations. Also, you and the other 5 users would be surprisingly happy with the increased Voice, 3G, and 4G data download speeds.

We offer 30 Days return policy on all the products. Also, you don’t have to pay shipping charges as we provide free shipping in South Africa. Buy your signal booster today and say Good Bye to the weak signals.


No more dropped calls

How it works

We all know how nauseating it can be if you wake up, check your mobile phone to catch up on the latest news, only to get a poor signal reply. It even gets worse when you cannot communicate with your friends, family, employees and business contacts because your calls are dropped.

How it works


The boosters antenna reaches out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals.


The booster receives the outside signal, amplifies it up to 32x, and sends it to the inside antenna.


The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to devices inside the home.

How It Works


Dropped calls and slow data are generally caused by three things: distance from a cell tower, building materials in your home or office, or obstruction from tall objects such as trees, topography, and buildings.
Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device’s boosted signals back to the cell tower.