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Short Description


  • EASE to fit your existing Nano SIM to a Micro SIM Slot Fit and further in a Full Size SIM Slot
  • High quality, high strength PC material
  • Carved by precision molds
  • 3 Different adapters in 1 Set to take care of your needs
  • Comes with SIM TRAY EJECT PIN
Detailed Description
  • Your Nano sim can be restored Micro sim or standard sim via Noosy nano sim adapter,and then your Nano sim will be compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Nano sim smaller than Micro sim,the size only 12.3*8.8mm,Noosy Nano sim adapter,allow the Nano sim restore Micro sim,Standard sim.
  • Nano sim adapter Life Cycle can be used up to thousands times due to the high strength PC material used by Noosy to create this products.
  • The Nano sim adapter was carved by precision molds,The accurate size won’t make the Nano sim drop from the adapter,restore them easily