Panasonic CR2 Industrial Lithium Battery


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Non-Rechargeable Industrial Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 850 mAh
  • Made in Indonesia
Detailed Description

Reliable even in a wide range of operating temperatures (-40°C to +70°C)

Powerful lithium technology

A long shelf life up to 10 years


Because of the use of high power materials, the Panasonic CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR2 (3V) batteries are perfect for portable lighting systems, like a headlight for bikers or a helmet with integrated light for speleologists. They can also be used in security equipment like sensors and fire alarms, camera flashes and smoke detectors.


Lightweight power at every temperature

A CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR2 battery is a cylindrical type of battery with lithium technology, ensuring long-lasting power in all circumstances. A cold and damp cave or a freezing winter night: absolutely no problem for this battery.


Low self-degradation rate and superior storability

Panasonic CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR2 batteries contain manganese dioxide, a substance that is chemically very stable. If preservation conditions are proper, 90% of the battery capacity remains – even after ten years of storage.

Superior safety

CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR2 batteries feature stable substances for the active materials and a structural design that assures safety. Their superior safety has been verified by repeatedly subjecting them to a number of different safety tests. As a result, Panasonic’s CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM batteries have been approved under the safety standard (UL1642) of UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.).