GP A23 12V Alkaline Battery


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Miniature alkaline battery
  • 38mAh capacity
  • 12V nominal voltage
  • Alkaline manganese dioxide
  • 0% Harmful Mercury
  • Flat contact terminal
  • 10.12mm diameter
  • 28mm high
  • 7.5g weight
  • Suitable for cameras, remote control key fobs, lighters, etc.
  • GP type GP23AE
  • Applicable to wide-range temperature
  • Excellent leakage resistance.
Detailed Description

GP 23A 23AE-C5 A23 MN21 LRV08 12Volt Alkaline Batteries High Voltage Cell is non-rechargeable batteries, adopts high-tech appliances and well-selected materials to produce, which can be applicable to wide-range temperature and excellent leakage resistance.
Replacement For Car Remote, Wireless RF Remote Switch, Toys, Toys Remote Car & Cigarette Lighter, etc.