Godox Studio Flash Trigger DM16 – 16 Channels


Short Description

Key Features

  • 433MHz wireless remote system.
    • 4 or 16 channels to prevent jamming.
    • LED display on both receiver and transmitter to indicate triggering.
    • Large working distance, up to 30m/100ft (open area).
    • Multiple receivers can be controlled by one transmitter for triggering.
    • Transmitter can be either mounted on cameras hot-shoe or connected to cameras PC socket.
    • AC power source for receiver.
    • Transmitter is powered by a 23A, 12V lithium-ion battery which can be used thousands of times.


Detailed Description

The DM-16 can be used with all popular camera brands that are fitted with a hotshoe (except Sony, Minolta as they use a special hot shoe). For use in multiple positions and distances for creating your own lighting style. 16 channels are available.

User Guide:

1. Attach the transmitter onto your camera hot shoe;
2. Plug the receiver’s cable terminals into the flash strobe power socket & AC power socket separately.
3. Set the same channels.
4. Turn on the power when ready to start shooting.

Model: Godox DM-16
Channel: 16
Transmit Frequency: 433MHz wireless remote system
Transmitter Power: 12V 23A lithium-ion battery
Receiver Power: AC: 100-240V; 50/60Hz
PC Cord Jack: Φ6.35mm / Φ3.5mm
Outdoor Operation Distance: ≤30m (Open space)
Indoor Operation Distance: ≤20m (Open space)
Synchronizing Speed: 1/200s
Transmitter Dimension: 7.2 x 4 x 3.3cm
Receiver Dimension: 7.2 x 5.9 x 3.4cm
Package Size: 8.5 x 4.2 x 25.5cm
Package Weight: Approx. 217g