Godox – Speedlight Honeycomb – HC01


Short Description


  • Is used as superior control support for direction of light Stream
  • Cuts down on lens flare
  • It is perfect accessory for Direct & Hard Lighting


Detailed Description

Honey Comb is often used on flashes as hair lights in portraiture, or for background or accent lights anytime a photographer is interested in highlighting a portion of an image for dramatic effect. When attached to flash, Honey Comb helps draw attention to an object, texture, or color, and can help to create a desired atmosphere or mood in an image.
The Honeycomb flash will give a soft uniform light source and is ideal when combined with a reflector to add a fill light. The Honeycomb is a versatile tool for photographers who like to create a stylized lighting set up, it can be used to add a fill light on the side of the face or to provide you background lighting.
Constricts flash beam, ideal for dramatic lighting effects
Compact and lightweight design
Securely attaches to almost all standard shoe mount flashes using the included adjustable strap
Fits most of the shoe mount flashes in the market