Amber T800 – 35mm Film

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Short Description

Key Features:

  • Format – 35mm
  • Colour – Colour
  • Type – Negative
  • Chemistry – C41
  • ISO – 800
  • Exposures – 36
Detailed Description

Amber T800 35mm film is a new project from Reto – the company making waves with their innovation in analogue cameras and film!

Amber T800 is a motion picture film that gives distinct colours and looks when used in different lighting conditions!

It is excellent for low-light situations and becomes a cool blue tone if shot in daylight. It can be processed in standard C-41 colour chemistry – available at most labs.

This film is 36 exposures and not DX-coded. However it ships with a DX code sticker inside the canister – so if you’re using an automatic camera then please affix the sticker on the film cassette before loading.

Please note that this film has been adapted by hand so you may experience some light leaks or other colour effects on your photos – especially with the first couple of frames on each roll


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