Kodak Gold 200 36 exp.


Short Description

Key Features:

  • ISO 200 Speed Film
  • High Color Saturation and Color Accuracy
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Wonderful Sharpness for the Price
  • Wide Exposure Latitude
Detailed Description

Kodak Gold 35mm film is a colour negative film perfect for all types of photography. With its vibrant colours, fine grain and wide exposure latitude, it can handle any light you throw at it. A firm favourite for analogue photographers around the world!

Kodak Gold is ideal for portrait, nature, landscape and street photography situations.

Effect / Tones

Super nice colour saturation wich gives pin sharp images.


– Take high quality photos with beautiful colors under any lighting conditions
– Captures even subtle shades for accurate representations of real life scenes
– Fine grain structure ensures smooth texture in prints or digital scans


Kodak Gold 200 36 exp.

Kodak Gold 200 36 exp.