Weifing Tripod WF6625

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Out of stock

Short Description


  • Quality Professional Space saving tripod
  • Made from High Quality Magnesium alloy
  • Includes WF6615 quality ball head
  • Twist lock legs for easy setup
  • Centre stability hook



Detailed Description

The Fancier WF-6625 is a professional quality tripod which has a unique design that allows the tripod legs to rotate 180° to fold inwards which allows it to be folded into a very compact size to easily fit into a backpack, luggage or carry around with you. This tripod folds to an amazing 37.5cm, saving a considerable amount of space when compared to a traditional tripod giving you the freedom and flexibility while you are on the move.

Low angle shooting, high angle all possible!

One of the tripod legs can be removed to become a monopod (Pic 3) , making video shooting easier on-the-go. This versatile tripod has a bottom hook to allow users to hook on their camera, or even sandbag.

Folded Height: 375mm Max. Working Height: 1500mm Min. Working Height: 380mm Tube Size: 26mm Net Weight: 1540g Max. Load: 5kg