Universal Dual Smart Charger


Short Description


– wide range compatibility

– smart charger

– dual charging port

– replaceable plate to charge other battery models

– LCD display

– Quick charging



Detailed Description

Universal Dual Smart Charger with LCD Screen is a solution for serious professionals and hobbyists. Easy to read LCD takes the mystery out of charging your batteries. Know instantly how much charging has completed thanks to the clearly visible numerical and bar display, which tells you immediately what percentage of charging is done. The backlit screen is visible from any angle in any lighting condition. Universal power input allows you to charge your batteries anywhere, by powering your charger with any standard AC (100-240v) or DC (12-24v) power source. This makes it the best charger for photographers on the move, allowing your batteries to be charged from virtually any wall outlet or vehicle in the world. Universal power output charger automatically detects the voltage of ANY battery mounted to it, so that by swapping out the battery plate, you can charge additional camera battery types without requiring additional chargers. Dual slots lets you charge two battery type batteries at the same time, cutting your prep time in half The side USB port allows you to charge phones, , tablets, power packs, and other usb powered devices simultaneously