Telescopic Background Crossbar

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Short Description

Key Features:

  • Telescopic crossbar (Ø approx. 3cm)
  • Extendable from approx. 120-307cm
  • With 5/8 inch spigot socket at both ends for attaching to lamp stands
  • Suitable for fabric backgrounds and paper backgrounds, also on rolling core1360
Detailed Description

Practical, portable system
The telescopic bar for backgrounds has two pull-outs. This makes it quite compact for transport and storage with a length of only 120 cm.

Strong in practical application
This telescopic pole can be extended up to a maximum length of 307 cm. It is therefore suitable for a variety of backgrounds of all kinds, from fabric to PVC to paper, even on a rolling core. At both ends there are 5/8 inch spigot connections, which can be rotated freely on the pull-out end, so that the crossbar can be attached quickly and securely to tripods. Of course, the rod can also be attached to super clamps or other holders with a spigot.

High load-bearing capacity
The maximum load capacity of the cross bar is 6 kg. This gives you freedom in your design, so in addition to backgrounds, also decorations can be hung on the bar, or things such as lightweight lighting. In order to keep the load on the system as low as possible, the distribution of forces should be optimised: For this purpose, it is recommended to always use both telescopic slides in equal parts.

Perfect also for the mobile studio
The telescopic cross bar can be pushed together so compactly that it is easy to stow away. It can also be used on autopoles that are clamped between the floor and ceiling. This makes it possible to hang up a background quickly and easily almost anywhere.