Smatree Wifi Remote Clip Holder – WF001


Short Description


Fits for the following:

  • S1
  • SmaPole S2
  • SmaPole Y1
  • Smapole Y2
  • Smapole Y3
  • SmaPole T1
  • SmaPole Q1
  • SmaPole Q2
  • Smapole Q3
  • Smapole Q4
  • Smapole S2C
Detailed Description

Smatree WiFi Remote Housing allows you conveniently attach your WiFi Remote to SmaPole so you can easily start or stop shooting while you pole is high up in the air

Fits for SmaPole S1/SmaPole S2/SmaPole Y1/Smapole Y2/SmaPole T1/SmaPole Q1/SmaPole Q2/Smapole Q3; DO NOT recommend to use it on other poles that isnt made of aluminium tube.

Package: Smatree WiFi Remote Housing ONLY ( WiFi Remote Controller not included)