Selfie Stick R1S


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mount holder: 2.9-4.5″
  • Retracted length: 185mm
  • Extended length: 690mm
  • Battery: CR1632


Detailed Description

Wireless selfie stick with adjustable arm and flash
The stick is made of aluminum with a comfortable grip ensuring comfort during use.
The handle can be unfolded to the Tripod position which serves as a tripod.
The trigger on the remote control allows you to remotely activate the shutter in the system camera in the smartphone and in compatible applications.
The product fits most mobile phones available on the market – arm spacing up to 85mm
The illuminating lamp has two light intensity options.
It has a removable remote control, so you can control it remotely

The maximum length is 67 cm
Powered by CR1632 batteries

1. Turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone
2. To pair a device, hold down the ”photo” button and select the device ”SELFIE”
3. To take a photo, press the ”photo” button
4. To record a movie, hold down the ”photo” button