PRG Leash Camera Strap Sling – GP150

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Out of stock

Short Description

Key Feature:

• Use as Neck/Sling Strap or Safety Tether
• Two-Piece System / Strap and Anchor
• Anchor Ties to Strap Lug or D-ring
• Anchor Quick-Connects to Strap
• One-Handed Quick-Release System
• Adjustable 19 to 60″ Strap

Detailed Description

This Leash Camera Strap is a quick-connect system that mounts to any piece of equipment that has a loop or D-ring. Use it as a neck or sling strap for your DSLR, video, mirrorless or point-and-shoot camera. It also works with binoculars, water bottles, and compasses. The strap is designed to smoothly glide across your shoulder and raise your gear to eye level.
This system includes two pieces-an anchor and strap. The anchor attaches to your gear via a cow hitch-two half-hitches looped in opposite directions. Once the anchor is tied to your equipment, it locks to a slot on the strap. The two pieces can be separated with a one-handed push of a button. You can also use more than one anchor on a single piece of equipment by attaching them to different locations on the gear. One might attach to a strap lug while another might be connected to a quick-release plate or second lug. This will save you time if you prefer or need a different shooting configuration. It can also help increase the support the gear receives when attached to the strap.
The strap is made from seatbelt-style webbing and is adjustable from 19 to 60″ to accommodate your shooting and comfort preferences. The anchors have been updated and are made of 3-layer Dyneema which resists abrasion and withstands 200 lb of force. The L-2 has an improved stronger anchor system which indicates when it is time to replace your anchors. The outside sheath of the anchor is black, the middle sheath is yellow and the inner sheath is red. When you start seeing yellow, it’s time to replace your anchors. This set includes one strap and four anchors.