Neoprene Camera Cover SB-12


Short Description

Key Feature:

  • Neoprene cover for a camera with a lens
  • Protects against mechanical influences
  • Securely fixed with a belt with Velcro
Detailed Description

Neoprene camera cover L SB-12

The 17 cm long lens camera case is designed to store and carry the camera with the lens attached, for example in a bag or backpack, to protect the equipment from accidental collisions and impacts against hard objects in the bag or backpack. Tightening of the cover is helped by braids, on the ends with velcro fasteners, neoprene material – pleasant to the touch, practical during long use, dust and moisture protector, the configuration of the cover wraps the bends of the lens with the camera as tightly as possible. High-quality sewn seams of the cover leave an impression of product reliability and durability.

* The photos show how cozy the Canon M200 mirrorless camera feels in the case, with the Canon EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS USM long-focus zoom lens attached via the adapter Ring Yongnuo EF – EOS M

Length: 170 mm
Width: 130 mm
Height: 90 mm