Generic Cleaning Kit


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Model: Concept 5 in 1
  • High Pressure Blower
  • Premium Cleaning Cloth
  • Professional Cleaning Pen
  • Spare Lens Cleaing Tissues
Detailed Description

K&F Concept Lens Dust Blower, Cleaning Pen, Mirco-fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth, Bottle, Lens Cleaning Paper, Lens Brush that are ideal for cleaning DSLR camera, video camera or camcorder lenses, binoculars, telescope or microscope lenses and more. Suitable for cleaning all glass, plastic or multicoated optical lenses; this cleaning kit can prolong the life of your equipment and ensure continued high quality photography and videography. Safely cleans all lenses of dust, dirt, smudges and moisture; ensuring crystal clear clarity without damaging expensive equipment. Includes a double-sided lens cleaning pen and a large cleaning brush; designed to remove dust particles, hairs, lint and stubborn marks without scratching the lens.