K-3X Infrared Thermal Scanner

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Short Description

Key Features:

  • Adjustment: Alarm temperature can be adjusted freely as per requirement; Voice can be set as per requirement as well.
  • New infrared sensor and self-developed motherboard support 0.1℃ high measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2, comparable with the mercury thermometer.
  • Easy to Install and suitable for office, home, supermarket, and community entrance. You can plug in USB charger, power bank or use the 4 units AA batteries.
  • No need to hold, can be hung or Use a tripod – Can be use in Supermarket, Shops and any public Entrance.
  • The computer can record data in real time and export records. High-definition display, 5 meters viewing distance.


Detailed Description

K3S Automatic Body Temperature Scanner Wall-mount Measurement

K3S Automatic Body Temperature

3S digital with advanced and safe infrared technology.

Non-contact automatic thermometer for fast and reliable testing of up to 50 people per minute.

No need to disinfect between measurements. A revolutionary and unique product, Measuring heat within half a second with an accurate result

most. Convenient to use, especially ideal for pre-business inspections, office building, workplaces, store, or any another place.

The thermometer is based on the advanced technology The human body emits infrared energy, This energy is absorbed by the thermometer sensors and thus it calculates the temperature of the body. In case the thermometer detects a temperature higher than the norm then the thermometer beeps.

k3s - Infrared ThermometersK3S digital

Special functions

Special functions:


  • Automatic and accurate measurement
  • 3 warning beeps when measuring high and abnormal heat
  • Option to choose between 5 languages ​​or to play only a normal beep in normal heat and 3 beeps in high heat
  • Possibility to control the volume
  • Power button
  • Memory for the last 50 heat measurements
  • Possibility to operate with 3 AAA batteries, or a USB cable for continuous operation (supplied in a kit) or a battery Lithium 18650 sufficient for one working week.
  • Installation options: on a tripod, hanging with a screw to the wall, gluing with double-sided glue to the wall
  • Possibility of switching between measuring degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit Measuring range: 34-43 degrees Deviation range: up to 0.2 degrees + – Measurement time: 0.5 second Dimensions: 100X60X150 mm Weight: 200 grams