JJC Eyecup ES-EP11


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Fits Sony A57, A65 digital cameras
  • Blocks stray light for improved viewfinder optics
  • Protects viewfinder from impact and scratches
  • Ideal for glasses user
  • Can be mounted and removed easily and securely
  • Replacement for Sony FDA-EP11 eyecup
Detailed Description

JJC ES-EP11 specially fits Sony A57, A65 digital cameras. Made of silicone, its exterior is flexible and has strong abrasion-resistance. During shooting, this eyecup can not only keep your viewfinder safe from impact and scratches but also protect the viewfinder from dirt, moisture, dust, and unwanted light, thus providing more image detail. In addition, it allows more comfortable viewing when camera is held to eye, especially for glasses user. And it also protects your glasses from scratches. JJC  ES-EP11 replaces Sony FDA-EP11.



Sony A57, A65

Sony A7, A7S, A7R, A7 II, A7S II, A7R II