Ivo Filter Cartridge – C151


Short Description

Key Features:

  • – Standard model with easy-to-use water selection rotational lever
  • – Compatible with other Torayvino refill cartridges
  • – Comes with a C151 Cartridge that filters up to 1500 L, 99.99% Bacteria Removal with 4-stage Filtration System.
  • – Cartridge Removal Type: Water Turbidity and Residual Chlorine
Detailed Description

Multi-stage Filtration System

1. Pre-screen Removes initial rust, sediments, and other particles.

2. Second Screen Further removes smaller debris and other particles.

3. Granular Activated Carbon Uses high-grade activated carbon to absorb residual chlorine and its unpleasant odors. 4. Hollow Fiber Membrane Removes particles and microorganisms up to 0.1 microns while retaining essential minerals to the human body.