Insta360 ACE Pro Action Camera


Short Description
Key Features
  • Capture up to 8K24 Action Footage
  • 1/1.3″ 48MP Sensor, Active HDR Capture
  • 151° Wide-Angle Leica f/2.6 Lens
  • FlowState Stabilization, Horizon Lock
  • Voice & Gesture Control, 32′ Waterproof
  • 2.4″ Flip Touchscreen, 0.7″ Front Screen
  • 90-Minute Runtime, Fast Charging
  • 2x Video & 2.5x Photo Digital Zoom
  • Directional/Stereo Audio, Wind Reduction
  • Multiple Selectable Video Modes
Detailed Description

Capture all the action on the road, in the studio, or in the water with the ACE Pro 8K Action Camera from Insta360. This compact, easy-to-use action camera provides up to 8K photo and video capture in a tiny action body that can be mounted and carried anywhere when traveling, shooting action videos, or vlogging. The large 1/1.3″ sensor allows you to capture up to 8K24 resolution and features an automatic HDR mode and superior low-light performance to capture vibrant, realistic color. The wide-angle lens was developed with world-class lensmaker Leica, allowing you to capture up to a 151° field of view.

The back 2.4″ touchscreen live-view display flips up to be used as front- or rear-facing, and there’s a front 0.7″ display that provides a view of active settings. Built-in FlowState uses a scene-detection algorithm to stabilize your shots, so they come out more balanced and professional-looking. The long-lasting battery supports fast charging and allows you to capture 4K30 video for up to 90 minutes of runtime, and 1080p video for over two hours.

Action Applications

The ACE Pro allows sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and creators to easily record in any situation with consistently exceptional image quality. It is ideal for people with high expectations of what an action camera can capture with a quick and easy way to shoot, edit, and share.

1/1.3″ Sensor
Capture every exhilarating moment with striking clarity and detail with the 8K sensor, even in fast-moving action scenarios or low-light conditions. Its high-resolution performance delivers photos and videos that are rich, sharp, and vibrant.
Lens Co-Engineered with Leica
Partnering with Insta360, Leica brings its legendary expertise in optical design and state-of-the-art imaging to the ACE Pro. This premium alliance pairs Insta360’s cutting-edge technology with Leica’s renowned imaging expertise, delivering spectacular visuals to any given moment.
Capture the night in all its glory. Powered by a 1/1.3″ sensor, PureVideo redefines low-light shooting with noise reduction, color enhancement, and improved dynamic range, even in action-packed night scenes.
8K Video
The ACE Pro supports up to 8K24 video capture. Relive life’s greatest adventures in unparalleled clarity. Each streak of action, each splash of color, rendered in stunning detail.
4K120 Slow-Motion Capture
Capture every high-intensity moment in astounding detail. Experience life’s thrilling adventures, revealed through incredibly smooth, sharp images at 4K120.
48MP Photos
Capture the extra detail those picture-perfect moments deserve, with incredible colors and lighting with 8064 x 6048 48MP still photos.
True-to-Life Imagery
With automatic Active HDR, the ACE Pro keeps your video stabilized as you move without the need to activate it while keeping details in the highlights and shadows for more vibrant footage. It delivers accurate and rich colors, reproducing the authenticity of every hue, particularly in underwater or low-light situations.
2.4″ Flip Touchscreen
The ACE Pro delivers accurate and rich colors, reproducing the authenticity of every hue, particularly in underwater situations. There is also a 0.7″ display on the front to display settings and status when shooting selfies.
Gesture & Voice Control

Embrace smart shooting with Insta360’s gesture control function. It’s perfect for group snaps or in situations with loud background noise. You’re in command, even with helmets and gloves on, for hands-free, hassle-free shooting.

A new voice control algorithm makes it easier to control the ACE Pro when your camera is mounted out of reach.

Active Shooting Features
  • Clarity Zoom: With just a double tap on the camera’s touchscreen you can instantly zoom in 2x without compromising image quality.
  • Live Snapshot: See a great photo opportunity while taking a video? Take ready-to-share photos at any moment while recording a video.
  • Cancel Recording: Hold down the shutter button to instantly erase the current clip. Empty your memory card as you go and skip the tedious process of hunting down unwanted footage in post-production.
  • Pause Recording: Perfect for athletes who want to capture only the highlights without editing out the bits in between, or creators who have a series of shots in mind that they want to keep in one file.
One Shot, Any Perspective
Shoot in a 4:3 frame with the freedom to export in any aspect ratio. If you’re not sure what framing will look best with your shot, FreeFrame is the answer. It also allows you to share to social media in horizontal or vertical formats to get maximum use from every clip. Or you can set the aspect in 16:9 for HD format or 2:35:1 for a cinema anamorphic frame.
Built-In Effects
  • TimeShift: Speed up time and space.
  • Dynamic Time-Lapse: Achieve a moving time-lapse by cropping still time-lapse video in post.
  • Starlapse: Make low light photography easy and capture the stars in all their glory.
  • Loop Recording: Turn your camera into a dashcam and save precious space on your memory card.
  • Pre-Recording: Save 15/30 seconds of footage before you press the shutter button! Make sure you never miss a key moment.
  • Timed Capture: Schedule the camera to power on and start recording at a specific time. No more waking up early to shoot a sunrise time-lapse.
  • Auto Dash: Auto power on and start recording in any mode when an external power source is detected. Perfect for dashcam use.
Effects with the Insta360 App
  • Invisible Selfie Stick: The algorithm in the Insta360 app makes your selfie stick disappear in the final capture. See the results right on your device without waiting to upload to the cloud.
  • AI Warp: Unleash the power of AI to add a dynamic twist to your videos. Transform your footage with customizable AI effects that can be applied to the whole clip or specific parts (free for a certain number of clips, and then there is a charge per clip).
  • Motion Blur: Now you can apply a motion blur effect in the app. Get that cool, immersive shot even without ND filters.
In-Camera Highlights

When turned on, ACE can automatically detect the peak moments in a single video and deliver ‘clip highlights’ for your review, all within the camera. Merge every thrilling moment into one epic recap, or choose the ones you like to save storage on the SD card.

The AI Highlights Assistant also saves you from sorting through hours of footage in post. It will edit your latest adventures into one epic video and push it directly to your device upon connection to the app. Recreate the excitement and share your moments instantaneously. Go to the new Moments section in the app and relive your best shots, auto-edited by AI.

App Background Downloading
Download footage from your ACE Pro while the app runs in the background, leaving you free to focus on other tasks. When the download is complete, you’ll receive a notification to go back to the Insta360 App with one tap.
FlowState Stabilization & Horizon Lock

Get smooth video even in the bumpiest conditions with a stabilization algorithm.

Ramp up the action with Horizon Lock. Defy gravity by keeping your footage flawlessly level for smoother, more watchable videos.

Rugged & Waterproof

Trust your camera will keep going even in the toughest conditions, from -4°F to scorching heat. Replaceable lens guards also offer peace of mind for any major drops or crashes.

Engineered for adventure, the ACE Pro is waterproof to 32.8′, more than enough for a wild underwater adventure. To go even deeper, there’s an optional Dive Case to take the camera down to 197′.

Long-Lasting Battery with Fast Charge
Keep going all day with an extra-long battery life. Film continuously with the ACE Pro for up to 90 minutes in 4K60 or up to 120 minutes in 1080p mode. The ACE Pro’s charging capability also ensures a swift power boost with fast charging. Fast charge the battery to 80% in just 22 minutes, or fully charged in 46 minutes.
Optional Accessories

The camera features a magnetic surface that allows quick release mounting of accessories for optional mounts such as a 3-prong mount, selfie stick, multi-mount, shoe mount, mic adapter, horizontal/vertical mount, adhesive mount, and quick reader.

Add even more accessories to your setup with an optional screen protector, lens guard, super-wide lens, battery charging hub, dive case, float guard, ND filters, chest strap, helmet mount, handlebar mount, and custom carry case.