GP25 Chest Mount Harness


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras including GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, and HERO Session
  • Fully adjustable; fits a wide range of adult sizes
  • Chest harness for mounting any quick-release GoPro camera at chest level
  • Helps capture dynamic perspective of thrilling outdoor adventures—an alternative to higher-up helmet views
  • Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, rafting, and other adrenaline-fueled activities
Detailed Description

Capture an exciting view of all your outdoor adventures with help from the GoPro Chest Mount Harness. An alternative to the higher-up helmet view, the chest mount harness makes it easy to catch the action from a lower vantage point. Simply strap on the chest harness, attach your GoPro camera and get ready for amazing footage of your thrilling outdoor activities—from downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or off-road motorcycle racing to river kayaking or whitewater rafting. It can even be used to uniquely capture a child’s birthday party or a fun family outing.

The harness can be fully adjusted to fit almost any size adult. The durable black straps wrap around the chest and loop up and over both shoulders, connecting in a Y-shape in the back and clipping together in the front with a click-together buckle. The shoulder straps and around-the-chest straps can all be loosened or tightened as needed for a comfortable, secure fit. works with all GoPro quick-release camera models, including GoPro HERO8 7 6 5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver, and HERO Session.