GP21 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for DJI Action 2


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Clean handheld screen with the cloth provided in a dust environment. Do not use cleaning agents.
  • Peal and fold the plastic backing about an inch away. Be sure the sticky side is facing down and not touched with your fingers.
  • Gently slide the provided installation card over the screen, push out any air bubbles towards the nearest edge.
Detailed Description

Anti-Scratch, Full screen coverage, Original Touch Experience, Anti-drop and explosion-proof, Electrostatic adsorption, Smooth Touch, High Definition and Transparency, Explosion-proof and Drop-proof

  • High-definition clear and Lossless picture quality.
  • Clearly restore the true color of the screen. Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen
  • 5D curved edge design, no gaps and full fit, not dust will get in, give your camera full protection.
  • Increase the optical transparency layer, effectively eliminate reflections, the photos is clear and bright, restore the true color.
  • Electrostatic adsorption technology makes the HD film and came automatically adsorbed together, no warp, more stable.
  • Made of 9H hardness tempered glass, resist scratches effectively, which are caused by daily objects rubbing the screen surface