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Short Description

Key Features:

  • A must have piece of equipment for indoor and outdoor photography.
  • Made from Premium Quality Polyester Material – No paint fading or peeling problem!
  • It comes with silver, gold, black, white and translucent which are the most popular reflector in photography.
  • 5-in-1 reflector is durable and flexible steel spring frame insures easy spreading and closing.
Detailed Description

The Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc is versatile in the field and in the studio, providing shadow-lightening detail in your subject, using available, or studio lighting. It starts out as a translucent white disc — perfect for softening direct sun, or lights without diffusion. Use the removable, reversible zippered slipcover to reflect light into shadow areas of your subject. Your choice of color — silver, gold, white, silver/gold mix — will be determined by the lighting conditions, and your personal preference.

This 42″ disc is suitable for 2-person portraits, and small still-life setups. It folds down to 1/3 its open size, and comes with a storage sleeve. We suggest the purchase of a pivoting arm and stand, to hold the disc where needed — especially if you are working without an assistant.