Fujifilm Instax PAL


Short Description


  • Gem Black @ 7299
  • Lavender Blue @ 5999
  • Milky White @ 5999
  • Pistachio Green @ 5999
  • Poweder Pink @ 5999
Detailed Description

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ cameras lined up, every color - Pistachio Green, Gem Black, Milky White, Powder Pink, Lavender Blue background

Point 01:Standard Shooting

Our smallest INSTAX camera model is the perfect size to take with you everywhere!
Transfer your images via Bluetooth to your Smartphone using the free downloadable INSTAX PalTM Smartphone App.

[photo] Point 01:Standard Shooting

Point 02:Remote Shooting

Operate the shutter from your Smartphone!
The wide-angle lens makes it easy to get the perfect shot, whether your camera is set up near to you or you’re shooting a big group-even the background will be in frame!

[photo] Point 02:Remote Shooting

Point 03:Interval Shooting

Shoot a series of fast-paced digital INSTAX images in sequences of 3,6,11 or 21 so you can take “in the moment” shots without missing a beat!
Create an INSTAX Animation with your saved photos.

[photo] Point 03:Interval Shooting


Print your photos with an INSTAX Link Series Smartphone printer!

Print on mini, SQUARE or WIDE format film in 2 ways!
Switch the camera to Link Mode to print directly to your INSTAX Link Series Smartphone printer (no App required) or transfer your images via Bluetooth from the camera to the INSTAX PalTM App, then select the printer App and print!

  • * Also compatible with INSTAX mini Evo and INSTAX mini LiPlay devices.


The included multi-use detachable ring makes the INSTAX PalTM camera easy to use!


Use the multi-use detachable ring as a camera stand to get a better angle for your shot!


Use the multi-use detachable ring as a viewfinder!



  • * Included with the INSTAX PalTM camera

Camera design

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ in Pistachio Green color

Pistachio Green

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ in Lavender Blue color

Lavender Blue

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ in Gem Black color

Gem Black

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ in Powder Pink color

Powder Pink

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ in Milky White color

Milky White

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ camera, Front view

[photo] IINSTAX Pal™ camera, Back view

[photo] INSTAX Pal™ camera, Side view

  1. Speaker
  2. Power button
  3. Flash
  4. Lens
  5. Shutter button
  6. Charging port
  7. Mode switch (bottom)
  8. micro SD card