DT PIR Motion Sensor Detector


Short Description

Key Features:

  • Do not face the glass door/window.
  • Do not face the big object which is easy to swing.
  • Do not face the cold and heat air vent or cold and heat source.
    The furniture, medias cape, or any other isolation should be away from the detecting scope.
  • Do not install 2 or more detectors in the same area or it will cause interference when alarm.
  • The installation height is 1.8-2meters from the ground. The detecting distance is less than 8meters, the transmitting distance is less than 80meters. Please test the distance after installing it. The obstacles will influence the distance.
Detailed Description

The detector adopts advanced digital processing technology. It has the functions of automatic temperature compensation, low voltage alert, intelligent energy conservation, etc. It will transmit the wireless signal to trigger the host to the alarm by detecting the infrared heat energy of the human body. It has the advantage of little environment affection, low false alarm, easy installation, and reliable and safe use, etc.

Turn on the switch of the detector. When it detects the infrared heat energy of the human body, the LED light will be on and it will transmit the wireless signal. The host will alarm after receiving the wireless signal from it.

Only after the detector pairs with the alarm host, the host can receive the alarm signal from it. Make the alarm host in the status of adding detectors. Turn the detector switch “ON”, The LED light will be one and the detector will transmit the wireless signal. The host will make a beep or voice prompts “adding completed “if it receives the signal.




TA01 / TA02 / TA03  DT Alarm System (PIR01)