Brinno Construction Time Lapse Bundle BCC300-C

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Short Description

Key Features:

  • Easy Time Lapse
  • HDR & Full HD
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Schedule Setup
Detailed Description

Welcome to the Next Generation
of construction time lapse

After the success of our much beloved BCC100 construction camera, we aim to create a next-generation time lapse camera that exceeds expectations and provide customers with a mind blowing experience. With the retirement of our little workhorse, the BCC100, the BCC300 is now ready to be your new job site companion with more advanced features that will better fit your time lapse needs.

The Next Generation
Time Lapse Camera  TLC300

Building Upon Past Successes

Brinno Construction Series Filming Solutions that Fit your needs.

The BCC300 comes bundled with our new fully customizable TLC300 camera. Pick your operating language and personalize your camera settings with everything from filming schedule to image settings. Easily set up your camera in bright environments and check view angle without screen glare with the TLC300’s crystal IPS LCD panel.
Brinno’s newly updated user interface provides a faster set up and more user friendly filming experience. Bundled with everything you need to get started, the BCC300 comes with an IPX4 weatherproof housing, wall mount, and two bungee cords.


  • Easy Time Lapse
  • HDR & Full HD
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Schedule Setup


Easy Time Lapse Camera for All

The TLC300 features a revolutionary one-page design for setting time lapse parameters, integrating the schedule, capture interval, and image settings into a streamlined menu, making it the ultimate user-friendly professional time lapse camera.

High Quality Image


Night Mode

Let your projects shine in brilliant full HD. Even in environments with unpredictable and unstable light, Brinno’s hands off time lapse technology automatically balances light and colors.

Long Lasting Battery

Perfect for long-term projects, Brinno’s revolutionary power saving technology keeps your camera charged for longer than any action cam on the market.

Sunlight Readable Display

Bright environments are no match for Brinno’s new IPS LCD screen. Check liveview and adjust settings from a crystal-clear display even under direct sunlight.

Multilingual User Interface

Change your camera operating language and enjoy our new fully optimized UI in your desired language. OS available in 8 languages: English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Time lapse bundles

Set up your camera in a couple of minutes with our easy-to-use mount, bungee cords, and IPX4 waterproof housing.

Bundle Options

Waterproof housing: The IPX4 housing offers protection against dust and water, allowing for recording in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

◾ Clampod: The spherical ballhead design enables an unlimited range of desired shooting angles.

◾ Cubic tips: The unique tread design enhances the stability and ease of securing the clamp to cylindrical, flat, or slippery surfaces.

Package Includes:

Time Lapse Camera TLC300 x 1
◾ Waterproof Housing ATH120 x 1
◾ Clampod x 1
◾ Bungee Cords x 2
◾ AA Batteries x 4
◾ Lens Cover
◾ SD Card
◾ Quick Guide