Kodak Vision 2 Film 200T/5217 Color Negative Film


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Short Description

Key Features:

  • Model number: 30 styles.
  • ISO should set: 100
  • Film size: 35mm (135).
  • Film type: Tungsten Film.
Detailed Description

Vision 2 200T (code 5217) is a Vision 2 line with Tungsten white balance suitable for shooting with indoor light. Outdoor shooting cold tones. Note: Vision 2 is Kodak’s second generation film line (the latest is Vision 3). The Vision 2 200T Film series stopped production in 2011, so it was outdate. This film cake belongs to the final production batches, the date of the film is about 2013, but the film is preserved in good conditions, imported from reputable foreign suppliers, and has been tested. When shooting, ISO 100 set.

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