Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Camera With 18-55mm Lens


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Short Description
Key Features
  • 26.1MP APS-C X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor
  • X-Processor 4 Image Processor
  • 5-Axis In-Body Image Stabilization
  • DCI/UHD 4K at 60 fps, Full HD at 240 fps
  • 425-Point Hybrid AF System
  • 3.69m-Dot 0.75x OLED EVF
  • 3.0″ 1.62m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen
  • ISO 160-12800, up to 15 fps Shooting
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens
Detailed Description


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FUJIFILM X-T4 is a hybrid camera that uses cutting-edge technology to excel in creating both stills and motion imagery. Free yourself from compromise and be the image maker you’ve always wanted to be. With the fourth-generation X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, X-Processor 4, a newly developed, compact in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system, the new ETERNA Bleach Bypass Film Simulation mode, and much more, it’s time to extend your creative limits with this incredible imaging tool.


For over 85 years, Fujifilm has been using its expertise in color science to produce some of the greatest photographic films in the industry. X-T4 harnesses the nostalgic beauty of this medium and makes it digitally accessible at the touch of a button. This has never been more apparent than with our latest Film Simulation mode: ETERNA Bleach Bypass, which creates a high-contrast look with low saturation to perfectly emulate the popular bleach bypass film processing technique.

Film Simulation

Film Simulation modes are exclusive to FUJIFILM digital cameras and provide you with a gallery of color presets that emulate some of the best-loved photographic films in history. X-T4 features the very latest in the collection: ETERNA Bleach Bypass. This beautiful new Film Simulation mode creates a high-contrast look with low color saturation to reproduce the popular bleach bypass technique used by image makers in the days of analog film.

Tone Adjustment

Highlights and shadows can be tweaked by as little as half a stop at a time, making it easier to reproduce a scene exactly as you saw it. This helps to significantly cut post-processing, allowing you to spend less time at your computer and more time creating.

Auto White Balance

The enhanced Auto White Balance (AWB) feature offers AUTO, White Priority, or Ambience Priority to ensure maximum accuracy, straight out of camera. In scenes lit by incandescent bulbs, the camera chooses for whiter whites when set to “White Priority” and warmer whites when set to “Ambience Priority”.


Speed where you need it to capture the decisive moment

Professional image makers need to be ready to frame moments instantly and, for that, they need a camera that can keep up. Not only does X-T4 deliver the fastest autofocus among APS-C mirrorless cameras at 0.02 seconds*, it is also equipped with a mechanical shutter capable of up to 15 frames per second, so you are ready to create images even during those fleeting moments.

*According to FUJIFILM research, February 2020.

X-T4 is equipped with the outstanding quad-core X-Processor 4 CPU, giving it the power to perform quickly and accurately whenever needed. Combine this with the cutting-edge X-Trans CMOS 4 back-side illuminated sensor, which features phase-detection pixels across the entire frame, and the result is extraordinary AF performance.

0.02 second AF

A new AF algorithm introduced with X-T4 enables focusing speeds of 0.02 seconds – the fastest AF among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor*.

The same algorithm makes it possible to achieve outstanding AF accuracy, delivering professional results at a split-second’s notice. *According to FUJIFILM research, February 2020.

Tracking AF

This same new algorithm significantly improves AF tracking. By recognizing color information and shape, X-T4 is able to instantly and accurately lock on to a subject for maximum peace of mind.

Face & Eye AF

X-T4 benefits from huge upgrades to Face and Eye Detection performance when shooting in burst mode. Compared to previous models, tracking is even more reliable, no matter where your subject moves in the frame.

Low Light AF

X-T4’s autofocus is fast and accurate in almost near darkness. The advanced phase-detection system can achieve speed and accuracy right down to -6EV, pushing right to the limits of low-light performance.

Burst shooting

The focal plane shutter inside X-T4 has been newly designed to achieve outstanding performance and durability. Using its high-speed coreless DC motor, it is capable of an amazing 15fps continuous shooting in post view*1 and 8fps continuous shooting in live view. It is 30% quieter, and it is good for a massive 300,000 actuations*2. This blistering speed is complemented by a release time lag of just 0.035 seconds and a live view blackout period of 0.075 seconds. When combined with such advanced AF, even the fastest of action can be framed in outstanding quality.

*1 Fastest burst shooting at mechanical shutter among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C size sensor (February, 2020)
*2 According to Fujifilm internal testing.



A camera that withstands the elements and ready when you are.

X-T4 is a camera that has been created to ensure nothing stands between you and your creativity, even the most challenging conditions. To achieve this, it includes five-axis 6.5-stop* IBIS, and an ergonomic grip for handheld stability, extensive weather resistance for protection against dust, moisture, and 14°F (-10°C) temperatures, and a large-capacity battery, all designed to keep you creating for longer.

*Achieved with 18 XF FUJINON lenses.

In body image stabilization

X-T4 features the latest in IBIS technology to allow maximum freedom when creating images handheld. The five-axis IBIS system uses high-performance gyro sensors to carry out over 10,000 corrections per second, achieving up to 6.5 stops of stabilization with 18 out of 29 FUJINON XF lenses and at least 5 stops of stabilization with the remaining 11. However, despite such excellent performance, this new IBIS system is our smallest and lightest ever. Using magnets instead of springs to create a new shock-absorbing structure that releases the full potential of the new focal plane shutter.


With weather resistance at 63 points, X-T4 is able to perform in even the most challenging environments.

Not only is the camera protected from dust and moisture, it is able to make images in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C), meaning that it can come with you from the desert, through the rainforest, all the way to the mountain peaks.

Boost mode

The high-performance 1.62 million dot vari-angle touchscreen LCD and 3.69 million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) already offer an outstanding representation of your scene. However, it is possible to use one of three Boost modes to enhance responsiveness for particular scenarios.

Luminance Priority

Enhances subjects when making images in low light.

Resolution Priority

Allows you to see finer details, great for portraiture and macro.

Frame Rate Priority

Creates smoother transitions, essential when shooting moving subjects.

New Battery.
Longer duration.

Professional photographers and videographers need a tool they can rely on for longer, which is why X-T4 features a newly developed, large-capacity battery that is capable of approximately 500 frames per charge in Standard mode and 600 frames in Economy mode. With the addition of an optional VG-XT4 battery grip, it is possible to power the camera with three batteries, for up to 1700 frames per charge.

This reinforces X-T4’s reputation as a camera that doesn’t stand in the way of your creativity.


Uncompromising video capabilities.

The evolution of X-T4 is not just limited to stills photography. In addition to the Full HD/240p high-speed recording which gives you a maximum 10x slow motion effect, X-T4 features digital image stabilization (DIS) and IS (Image Stabilization) Boost mode. By combining these two image stabilization modes with the powerful IBIS, X-T4 lets you experience a new level of stabilized video shooting without the need for a gimbal or other third party accessories.

Movie Mode

Every aspect of X-T4 has been designed to embrace the hybrid photographer, not least its dedicated STILL/MOVIE lever, which enables seamless transition between photography and videography. This functionality is enhanced by a video-specific menu and the addition of a video-only Quick Menu (Q Menu) to provide hassle free movie making.

Movie Optimized Control

To ensure the smoothest footage, it is possible to override the external controls and change settings using the LCD touchscreen or front/rear command dials while recording. This helps to eliminate vibrations caused while adjusting your grip.

Professional level video recording

With X-T4, it is possible to record professional-quality 4K/60P 10-bit video at 4:2:0 color internally and 4:2:2 via the built-in HDMI port.

When doing so internally at 200Mbps, the camera also supports H.264/MPEG-4 AVC as well as H.265/HEVC, to achieve a higher rate of compression.

You can also choose MP4 in addition to the standard MOV video file format for greater versatility.