Benro A350F + BH0 TRIPOD


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Short Description


  • 3 Legs (4 segments)
  • With BH0 ball head
  • Maximum load: 4 kg
  • Universal tripod with clamps Ideal for beginners
  • Delivery includes: tripod with clamps, ball head, tripod bag with carrying handle, 3 foam handles which are already attached


Detailed Description


BENRO Aluminum tripod kit represents an incredible value combining a sturdy lightweight Tripod and a precision matched Ballhead. Ideal for the Digital photographer who recognizes the need for stability and sharp photos that only a tripod can deliver. Specifically built to cater to junior shutterbugs middle age and old photographers, Benro developed Mg-Aluminium EX Series Quick Lock Tripod with BH head. Tripod: Benro tripods provide adjustable leg angle stops to make it easy to erect your tripod on rough ground; each leg can independently be set to either 24, 55 or 80 degrees. Ballhead: Benro BH-Series ball heads are produced using the latest in precision machining and manufacturing technology to ensure smooth and secure operation. Ultra-small and lightweight they offer performance with compromising stability. A patented, dual locking, snap-in quick-release system enables fast and secure camera mounting and dismounting. Benro A350FBH0 Aluminium Universal Tripod Kit includes:- Benro A350FBH0 Aluminium Universal Tripod- Benro BH0 Ball Head- Benro PH08 quick release plate- Padded Tripod case.